alyssa anselmo



Alyssa is working in collaboration with Bambini’s vision to crest beautifully inviting and innovative spaces that will bring them to the forefront of the industry. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and design, where she studied in Florence, Italy.

Alyssa specializes in creating memorable spaces in which embody a sense of hospitality, with a network of graphic elements and precise detailing. Recently she has worked in New York City for A+I (Architecture Plus Information) as an interior architect. Her role included collaborating with project design teams to support the selection, specification, ordering, and installation coordination of materials, ancillary and systems furnishing. She also provided work examples that demonstrated an extremely versatile and sophisticated aesthetic sensibility.

Her work synthesizes considerations of material, form, space, and brief into resolved works of interior, furniture, and graphic design.Living in different countries and cultures has gifted her with passion, dedication and a unique eye for all realms within architecture and design. All of her work is done in house, from conceptual 2D and schematics, to 3D production renderings, to final product photography and presentation.