Out of School Care

before and after care program for school-aged children (6 – 12 years)


Out-of-school care children have full days at school. Bambini offers the opportunity for before and after-school care children in Grades 1 to 6 to widen their horizons by being part of a program where they can learn through play while engaging in child-led and child-initiated experiences. Our skilled educators encourage children to take the lead in their learning. This approach develops and strengthens dispositions such as inquisitiveness, resourcefulness, critical-thinking, and problem-solving.


A glimpse of an out-of-schooler’s day at Bambini

The out-of-school care child follows a routine like all the other programs at Bambini. Their schedule consists of free play, meal times, outside times, and more.

The children engage in meaningful projects during their time in Bambini. Our aesthetically appealing environment provides a great space for children to relax, connect, and explore. In addition, Bambini educators also continue their work of promoting healthy, holistic practices. Discussions and experiences regarding good nutrition and the opportunity to connect with nature enhance children’s understanding of healthy lifestyle choices.


The project approach to learning is commonly used in the out-of-school program. Projects are sparked by the children’s passions and interests. Educators promote, scaffold, and document learning throughout the project process. Projects can last days, weeks, or months and multiple projects can be happening simultaneously in the out-of-school care program.

yoga and mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness is embedded into the daily program. Children learn to appreciate and enjoy yoga and mindfulness practices as helpful tools to support their well-being.


Relationships continue to be an important part of the Bambini experience in the out-of-school care program. Children develop positive, responsive, and respectful relationships with educators and peers. They learn about their own and others’ emotions and how to respond to these in constructive ways.

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