Several weeks ago, we shared some exciting news about Ages & Stages. We announced that we’re shifting our vision and one of our first steps is to announce a new name. Introducing…

If you’re not familiar with the word bambini, it’s Italian for young child. Since children, their development, and their interests are the core of our program, and our child care centre is Reggio-inspired, Bambini beautifully articulates our vision.

Our annual End of Summer Carnival seemed like the perfect opportunity to unveil our name and officially launch our new program model.

Despite the rain, the event was a huge success! We thought we would take the opportunity to share some of the special moments that we captured from the afternoon.

There was a petting zoo full of animals for the children to cuddle, brush, and pet.

It was a wonderful event to commemorate the launch of our new program model.

Our vision is to make Bambini more than a child care centre. We’re working behind the scenes to make your parenting journey easier by providing supports and resources that are helpful to you.

Gradually, you will get to see Bambini as a community of learning and support. A space for families – children and adults alike – to spend time, get involved, to learn and to grow together. As our vision moves forward, you can expect workshops that will support your daily life and parenting practices, as well as events and services that will enable you to enhance your family’s quality of life.

Our priority will always be to provide the best care for your child, our new program model only increases the quality you can expect from us.

We’re excited to begin this journey with you and we thank you for being such an important part of our child care family.

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Bambini Learning Group is a Reggio-inspired, holistic child care program located in Edmonton, Alberta. Their vision is to inspire families to live healthier, more meaningful lives. Through innovative, holistic, and supportive resources, Bambini is helping children live the authentic childhood they deserve. New locations coming soon! Contact Bambini for more information about their unique, holistic child care program at [email protected], or book a tour to see Bambini for yourself!