Toddler Care

daycare for toddlers (19 – 36 months)


Toddlers learn about life and the world through active exploration. The toddler program in Bambini places a special focus on supporting children in their exploration of the world with a further emphasis on building healthy attachments. This focus also helps toddlers feel seen, secure and loved.


A glimpse of a toddler’s day at Bambini

While much of the toddler’s day can seem like rhythms of playing, eating, and sleeping, our Bambini team is skilled at encouraging exploration and establishing trusting connections. Bambini toddlers experience care through relationships that are responsive to their needs. This approach to care builds the foundation for lifelong mental and emotional health and well-being.

Bambini toddlers engage in opportunities to experiment with available resources. Their explorations foster a greater understanding of the world around them through the development of working theories. Their learning is encouraged through various sensory activities, specially planned provocations that build on the children’s interests and schemas, as well as ample opportunities for heuristic play.

healthy attachments

Healthy, trusting bonds and attachments are a focus of our toddler program. This approach also helps the toddlers in our care feel seen, secure, and loved. 

yoga and mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness are included as a natural part of toddlers’ days. Often this is done through movement exercises as well as sensory experiences. These thoughtfully planned interactions help to bring toddlers joy and feelings of contentment.


Practices of emotion coaching ensure that children develop emotional intelligence which will support the development of resilience, empathy and emotional regulation.

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