Infant Care

daycare for infants (12 – 19 months)


Infants learn about life and the world through relationships. The infant program in Bambini places a special focus on building connections and fostering healthy attachments while providing responsive and nurturing care. Through respectful caregiving and interactions, educators demonstrate to infants that they are loved, valued, and seen as people.


A glimpse of an infant’s day at Bambini

While much of the infant’s day can seem like rhythms of sleeping and eating, our Bambini team is skilled at encouraging exploration and establishing trusting connections. Bambini infants experience care through relationships that are responsive to their needs, which build the foundation for lifelong mental and emotional health and well-being.

Infants engage in early literacy activities through songs, rhymes, and basic books. Their exploration is encouraged through various sensory activities, specially selected materials, and ample opportunities for heuristic play.

healthy attachments

Healthy, trusting bonds and attachments are a focus of our infant care program. We want the infants in our care to feel safe, comfortable and supported.

yoga and mindfulness

Mindfulness is introduced to infants as a natural part of their day. Often this is done through descriptive language and sensory experiences. These thoughtfully planned interactions sow the seeds of a holistically healthy lifestyle.

open-ended resources 

Open-ended resources are thoughtfully made available within the environment, instigating and engaging infants’ natural curiosity and desire to explore.

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