Holistic Development Activities

We plant in children the seeds of a holistically healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Our Bambini educators help children to learn about and experience good nutrition, develop strategies to maintain emotional and mental health, develop emotional intelligence, understand the value of community, connect to self, others, and to nature, and to develop healthy habits through the practice of mindfulness and Yoga.


We encourage children’s expression through art which becomes a spontaneous and open-ended exploration. Bambini encourages process-focused art experiences instead of those that are product-focused.


Music combines all areas of child development and skills including intellectual, social-emotional, language, motor and overall literacy. It allows the body and mind to work together. Exposing your child to different types of music can help create more pathways between the cells in their brains.
This effect increases even more when you link music to different activities such as dancing. We incorporate music into our program daily to encourage children’s inclination to move and develop their fine motor skills, help with their muscle development, strength and balance.


Yoga gives children the chance to connect with themselves, to practice self-reflection, to gain a confidence in who they are, and gives them a security in knowing that they are beautifully unique human beings.


We offer yoga, quiet time / mediation and mindfulness opportunities as an integral part of our program. Each of these practices are very important to help children feel grounded and at peace, as well as promote physical and mental health. These exercises are especially important to children that have attention deficit / learning challenges or suffer from anxiety. The world is becoming increasingly chaotic and confusing for children; quiet practices allow them to pay attention to the connectedness of mind, body, and spirit.


We integrate nature into our program daily by spending time outdoors and going on nature walks, where children are encouraged to meditate during observation. We also engage in gardening where children can see the growth process from a seed to actual whole foods.


Bambini offers morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Our menu is planned according to the Canada Food Guide (reviewed bi-annually to meet the changing nutritional guidelines and research) and is approved by a dietitian.

To ensure healthier eating habits for our Bambini daycare and after school care children, we have an in-house cook who prepares home-cooked meals and home-baked items. Bambini includes seasonal fruits and vegetables in our menus.