Preschool & Pre-kindergarten Care

daycare for preschoolers (3 – 4.5 years)


Pre-schoolers are young investigators. Through our Reggio-inspired, project approach program, children have the opportunity to follow their natural investigative instincts. Bambini provides a play-based and child-led environment for our preschool children.

A glimpse of a preschooler’s day at Bambini

Preschoolers are given stability through a predictable schedule of meal times, free play, rest time, and outside play. Our Bambini team is skilled at encouraging exploration of the child’s world. They provide ample opportunities for the child to represent their learning through art, movement, spoken word, and more. Bambini preschoolers experience care through relationships that are respectful and supportive of their interests and explorations.

In addition, our early childhood educators are partners in the child’s learning. They spend much time providing meaningful provocations for play, documenting the child’s learning, and extending the child’s exploration by scaffolding play.

project approach

The project approach helps children build the confidence and competence to ask questions and wonder about theories, events, and phenomena, followed by the creativity, resourcefulness, and initiative to find the answers to their questions

yoga and mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness practices occur as natural parts of the day, strengthening the understanding that these are tools that are available to them, and can be used at any time to promote calm, balance, and wellness.


Practices of emotion-coaching ensure that children’s emotional wellness is well-supported. It develops resilience, empathy, and emotional regulation through the fostering of emotional intelligence.

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