Great news!

Here is a 3D visualisation render showcasing the central room (indoor courtyard) of our Jensen Lakes location. Throughout the design process, Alyssa (our interior architect) asks some very important questions:

How can we introduce as much natural lighting as possible given the building’s guidelines?

How can we create a space that will kickstart a child’s imagination?

How can we coincide nature within a daycare?

How can we create memorable, unique moments that will stick with a child forever?

What natural elements and materials can we use to justify a feeling of biophilia within the space?

Alyssa has worked closely to ensure that all of our needs are met, and her own questions are answered – resulting in our beautiful daycare spaces. In this rendering specifically, there are many natural elements that come into play.

Natural Lighting: Did you know that lighting is a dominant factor in the brain’s ability to focus? The daily cycles of natural light profoundly impact the health, wellness, and academic performance of children. Exposure to bright sunlight during the day boosts mood, alertness, concentration and energy levels. Studies show that exposure to natural light improves children’s moods and behavioural patterns throughout the day. For this, we have introduced 2 large skylights on the ceiling of this room, along with 6 large windows on the backside leading onto our playground where we can watch children during playtime.


In the Reggio Emilia Approach the focus on the environment is so great that they often refer to the environment as the “third teacher.” Alyssa has spent months trying to find the perfect tree to host and grow within our new centre. This tree can be nourished and monitored by children throughout different seasons – watching it grow as part of our own community within the centre. The tree is placed in order to engage curiosity and discussions between adults and children. Our beautiful 12′ Ficus Benjamina will also aid in giving practical experiences in children’s play as well.


Floating Cloud:

A large cloud will hover over an excavated reading pit in the ground, giving a feeling of lightness and inspiration to the children. This fixture will give children the opportunity to lay with a book under the “sky” and dream. An important element in the piazza space, the cloud will be customised specifically for this room to properly align with the rest of the design and create that memorable moment for the children.



Stones and woods are living, breathing materials that change according to environmental factors and lighting. These age over time, changing the way materials interact with the space, thus having an impact on the way children grow within our environments. For this reason, we have chosen to work with concrete as a base and wooden panelling along the walls.


*A reminder:

Our 3D visualisations are created solely to show the skeleton of the space in order to demonstrate the proper detailing and materials within the space. We want viewers to focus on the time and energy that we put into making our spaces as inspirational and functional as we possibly can. We hope to form a genuine appreciation for all materials chosen and the work involved from Alyssa’s part and to share an understanding of the importance of design within any space and the impact it has on our minds. For this reason, we choose not to show our beautiful toys and children’s artwork – those will infuse the centre post-construction.



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