Our Daycare Programs


Children learn about life and the world through relationships. This is even more true when it comes to infants. Bambini offers infants a calm and nurturing environment where they experience care through relationships that are responsive to their needs, building the foundation to lifelong mental and emotional health and wellbeing through the development of healthy attachment.

Through respectful caregiving and interactions, educators demonstrate to infants that they are loved, valued and seen as people. Open-ended resources are thoughtfully made available within the environment, instigating and engaging infants’ natural curiosity and desire to explore. Thus, children’s foundation for lifelong learning as competent and confident investigators and innovators are laid.

Yoga and mindfulness is introduced to infants as a natural part of their day, sowing the seeds of a well-balanced and holistically healthy lifestyle.


Bambini offers toddlers an environment where they are allowed to follow their natural curiosity and tenacity to actively experiment with the available resources, developing a greater understanding of the world around them through the development of working theories. In this child-led and play-based approach, children become leaders of their own learning and develop a positive self-image as learners that will support all of their future endeavours.

A focus on relationships and emotional wellbeing ensures that children develop healthy attachments with educators. This focus also helps toddlers feel seen, secure, and loved. Practices of emotion coaching ensure that children develop emotional intelligence which will support the development of resilience, empathy and emotional regulation.

Yoga and mindfulness practices are experienced as a natural part of the program as children learn to enjoy and appreciate these as practices which bring them joy and feelings of contentment.


Pre-schoolers are young investigators. Through our project approach, children are given the opportunity to follow their natural investigative instincts in a play-based and child-led environment. This approach helps children build the confidence and competence to ask questions and to wonder about theories, events and phenomena, followed by the creativity, resourcefulness and initiative to find out the answers to their questions. Through this process, children become the active learners and innovators that they were born to be.

Responsive and caring relationships with educators, as well as practices of emotion coaching, ensure that children’s emotional wellness is well-supported, developing resilience, empathy and emotional regulation through the fostering of their emotional intelligence.

Yoga and mindfulness practices occur as natural parts of their daily experiences, strengthening the understanding that these are a tool that are available to them which can be used at any time to promote calm, balance, and wellness.

kinder & out-of-school care

Bambini’s offers the opportunity for kindergarten and before and after school care children in Grades 1 to 6 to widen their horizons by being part of a program where they can learn through play while engaging in child-led and child-initiated experiences. Children take the lead, developing and strengthening dispositions such as inquisitiveness, resourcefulness, critical-thinking, and problem-solving at our before and after school daycares in St. Albert and West Edmonton.

Within this environment, children learn to take initiative, to think innovatively, to be flexible and adaptable. Relationships continue to be an important part of the Bambini experience in the Out-of-School Care program. Children develop positive, responsive and respectful relationships with educators and peers, learning about their own and others’ emotions and how to respond to these in constructive ways.

Through their daily experiences within program, children learn to appreciate and enjoy yoga and mindfulness practices as helpful tools to support their well-being. Discussions and experiences regarding good nutrition and the opportunity to connect with nature enhance children’s understanding of lifestyle choices that will nurture their holistic wellness throughout life.

summer care

Bambini offers summer care for Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 6 children. During summer, children get to experience the best of childhood at Bambini. The program offers the opportunity for children to take charge of their own learning journey by paying attention to their mind’s wonderings and following its lead.

In this journey, children become investigators of the world, developing, testing and experimenting with their many working theories. These experiences happen within the facility, as well as out in the community through many field-trips, nature walks and expert visitors (adaptations made according to current COVID guidelines, as needed).

Bambini offers a program that encourages children to connect with their inner self, with others and with nature, in a balanced and healthy way.

Yoga, mindfulness, an active lifestyle and good nutrition are some of the wellness tools that children experience within the program. As they experience and grow confident in utilizing these wellness strategies in their daily lives as part of the program, children are empowered to make these tools their own in order to improve their life, learning and development.

Flex care

Do you have a Zoom meeting to attend? Would you like a quiet home so you can get some work done? Or maybe you’re exhausted and need some time to rest and recharge? Perhaps you just want a day to run some errands?

Here at Bambini we offer drop-in care for families. Get some relief and time away while your children enjoy playing, learning, and connecting with other children at Bambini.

Must be booked in advance. Contact the bambini location you’re interested in for more information.


Part-time child care
Bambini also offers part-time daycare and before and after school care for busy parents working remotely or on a hybrid model who only require child care during certain days of the week. Bambini’s flexible part-time daycare offerings include a Monday-Wednesday-Friday and a Tuesday-Thursday option. Please contact us for more info.