Kindergarten: The Best Daycare Near You

Located in St Albert, Alberta, Bambini Learning Group Kindergarten offers child care services and before and after school care to local children. This is a Reggio-inspired educational program that uses a framework of collaborative play for knowledge and learning about the world through practical experience. Through the use of less direct, regulated instruction and a structured classroom environment that encourages self-learning and discovery, the curriculum is enhanced to enhance early learning, independence, and self-confidence.

Day care Edmonton

St. Albert After School Daycare

Several locations in Edmonton, Canada, are part of the Bambini Learning Group network of centres offering quality child care to children from twelve months to twelve years of age. Each centre has eight separate classrooms and provides a space for families to spend time together while providing high-quality education. Each centre accepts a subsidy for our services, and we are committed to promoting childhood development and the beautiful family parenting journey. If you are interested in learning more about finding the best day care in Edmonton near you and our services offered at these locations, give us a call today: 780-569-2465.


Looking for the Best After School Daycare Near You?

As a parent, you should feel confident in your educational choices for your child. You should be free to choose a centre that provides the best possible care, and the funds you have should give you as much choice as possible.

If you’ve been searching for a quality daycare near you in Edmonton, Bambini Learning Group’s day care in Edmonton is certainly a worthy contender. With a focus on each young child’s social, cognitive, and physical development, our organization aims to positively impact the local community. The Bambini Learning Group has several locations across the city. It’s worth checking out in person; you and your child will be glad you did!

Work with Bambini Learning Group today for the best child care and after-school daycare services in the St. Albert region! Call our team at 780-569-2465.